Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fam Visits Washington Part 3

The end of their trip,
starting with taking the ferry to Seattle:

This was my first time taking a ferry... well, come to think of it, I took a ferry when I was nine to see the Statue of Liberty with my grandmother... so I guess, this was my first time driving onto a ferry.

Corey was definitely excited!

It was very windy! 


How great is this guy!
...even the gadgets in his box are painted silver.
Once we got back into Spokane, we only had a couple of days left of their visit... one day we had a cookout out at Joe's mom & dad's, which was really nice for my brother & sister to meet Joe's family. And the other day we went to see the Broadway show Wicked...which was Amazing!

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Felicia said...

Hey! I miss you! lol I love all of the pictures and can't wait to see what blog you post next, its been a while huh?