Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"That's how it all starts...and then one day you look around at all your stuff and before you know it you're opening up an antique store."

That's the response from the lady ringing me up today, when I said to her "I'm going to have to sneak this one in the house" (referring to the vintage suitcase I just couldn't resist) --as if I needed another suitcase. I already have two. But this one was unique. It has three small red stripes down the middle. I even opened it, hoping it would be ripped and moldy...that way I could just walk away. But, no. It's the really nice kind that has a fold-able hanger rack inside and couldn't be in better shape! (not that I'm ever going to use the fold-able hanger rack)

So why would I have to sneak it in the house? Let me explain.  I'm in Love with Vintage. I love collecting and searching...and the thrill of finding a good deal.  I love chippy paint and the occasional rust. I buy things not only to decorate our apartment with, but also to include in my crafts. And although our apartment needs nothing more (and I can assure you I don't need anymore crafting supplies!!) I still go thrifting and every now and then I'll hit up the antique stores. You never know what you're going to miss!! I'm always coming home with something that I just couldn't pass up. And then I get home and have to convince Joe why I just couldn't pass it up: "it was a steal" or "it's one of a kind" or "I could sell this one day and double my money"

Oh sweet Joe and how he puts up with me! He just gives me that look of disbelief and asks "WHERE. ARE. WE. GOING. TO. PUT. THAT!?!  WE DON'T HAVE ROOM FOR ANYTHING ELSE!" (well, duh! we live in an apartment silly Joe! my antiques will look lovely in a House someday :)  )  So, back to sneaking my purchase into the house apartment... there are things that Joe will never notice if I don't say anything. You know, the small things that fit nicely on a shelf. Well, then there are bigger things, such as a Huge trunk, or a birdcage, and well, a suitcase. (oh, and a vintage silver Christmas tree that has been in the back of my car since my mom was in town!!...but that's a whole other post) I'm really hoping he doesn't notice my new purchase. Because, the real reason...he said he would break up with me if our home started to look like Hoarders. lol. And not that it does!!! Trust me, there's an order to my madness! (at least I like to think so) ...and what's another suitcase, right? ~maybe someday I can sell it in my antique store :)

 ....nah, it's too cute to resell!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ghost Lamp

I finally found a place for my Italian lights! I call them that because the little light bulbs remind me of lights you would see strung in the streets of Little Italy or from tree to tree on the patio of a little Italian eatery. I bought them in the beginning of summer with plans to hang them on our balcony. They sat for quite some time, because I couldn't find a way to hang them (the staple gun just wasn't cutting it). Someone suggested using the sticky hooks you use to hang Christmas lights. Genius! Once I found the stuff I was eager to get them hung and waiting for Joe to get home to help was not an option. I got out the mini ladder and started hanging...I broke 3-4 bulbs in the process. Sad. And I knew if I had just waited for Joe's help that probably wouldn't have happened, but I didn't care. They were up. Finally. Then, we got a wind storm a couple of weeks later and a couple more broke. I didn't care. Our balcony still reminded me of Little Italy :)  Well, then another wind storm blew in and Joe decided to just take them down. So, they've been down for quite some time and with so many broken bulbs I was thinking about just throwing them away. Joe suggested hanging them in our dining room. I know, I know. I actually considered it, but thought it's either going to look really good or really juvenile (the idea reminded me of when I hung Christmas lights in my bedroom as a teenager). So, as I was pondering around of what to do with them, I thought I would try and wrap them around my shadeless lampshade. And voila! The perfect nightlight! ~or Ghost Lamp as I like to call it :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Witch Way???

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is grab a cup of coffee on a crisp autumn day and go to a corn maze with my family and friends. Every year, a farm in my hometown has a HUGE corn maze, that's always so much fun to go to. I thought I would share some pictures from an album I made a few years back.

You can see how big the maze is, in the above aerial view. (every year it creates a picture, this particular year it was a barn)

{my Sister & Brother}

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Green Bluff with 3 of my Favorite Kiddos

A couple of weeks ago I happened to have a Saturday off and got a chance to go up to Green Bluff with Shane, Kelli & the kids and Jeff & Aiden. It's so much fun for the little ones, with Pony Rides, the Wiggle Worm, a "sandbox" of dried up Peas, and much more...
Joe's nephews and niece:   Nolan,    Aiden    &   Olivia
I love Nolan's little face here.
The Wiggle Worm ~~~~~~~
Getting on the tractor to go pick Apples
Nothing's better than a fresh, crisp, just-picked off the tree, Apple

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's almost been a whole year...

10/23/2009 ~ Columbus, Ohio

Since I've seen my dear friend Andrea!

We tried to get together right before I moved here, but it just didn't work out. With me living in Cleveland and Andrea in Columbus our visits were always too far apart for our liking to begin with, but never a whole year. Oh, how I wish she could come visit!!

I miss our Wine Nights and Movie Nights and Christmas Ale at noon. Pots of coffee, hours of Gossip, and helping each other Decorate. Rearranging the furniture, naming your plant Gary and your dog Craig. Football games, Car Rides, Silliness and Sleepovers. Staying in, going out, Halloween, and summertime. Long conversations, keeping Secrets and wearing each others Clothes. Some tears, many Smiles, and lots of Laughs...

Oh, how I miss my dear friend Drea!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Collect- Sunsets

The sunset tonight was Amazing here in Spokane. And of course, like always, I took a picture of it...

As I was uploading my pictures, I thought to myself, why do I always feel the need to take pictures of beautiful sunsets? The beauty is never fully captured with my camera and the pictures end up sitting in a folder on my computer...

Since I've lived here, I've accumulated a small collection and thought I would share some of my favorites....

Sunsets from our Apartment Balcony: