Sunday, October 10, 2010

Green Bluff with 3 of my Favorite Kiddos

A couple of weeks ago I happened to have a Saturday off and got a chance to go up to Green Bluff with Shane, Kelli & the kids and Jeff & Aiden. It's so much fun for the little ones, with Pony Rides, the Wiggle Worm, a "sandbox" of dried up Peas, and much more...
Joe's nephews and niece:   Nolan,    Aiden    &   Olivia
I love Nolan's little face here.
The Wiggle Worm ~~~~~~~
Getting on the tractor to go pick Apples
Nothing's better than a fresh, crisp, just-picked off the tree, Apple


Felicia said...

They are so cute! :) Looks like they had fun. No pictures of you with them though? WEIRD! lol jk

Kelli said...

Tab! I didn't even realize you got those pictures =) so sweet. We were so lucky to go up there weeks ago before all the mayhem! We tried going again this wknd, and literally went up to get pumpkins and turned right around to come back home. We couldn't get in to anything it was so packed. Happy Monday!