Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I am so excited to be going home for Christmas! I haven't seen my brothers and sister since March!! brother and I were joking the other day, saying that I could of had a baby in that time!! HA ...I can assure you I will be coming home babyless!  :) 
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A little album I made for a Secret Santa...

We drew names at work for Secret Santa and we decided all gifts had to be handmade. I received a cute little apron with a matching oven mitt. This is how I see it...since I'm such a horrible cook, I expect this apron to be magical as if it were the missing piece to the reason I fail horribly in the cooking department. I expect it to influence me to get my butt in the kitchen and more importantly transform me into a chef when I put it on and cook fabulous meals every time...I will keep you posted.

The great thing about the album I made, is that it came together so quickly and the tree chipboard was only $1.00!   add some paper...some buttons...a little bling...and voila!  a mini Christmas album.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taking a little break...

I haven't posted in awhile, because I've been spending every extra moment making Christmas gifts. Which I absolutely LOVE doing, but I'm starting to get worried that I have taken on too much this time. I have so many projects going on that not only does my craft room look like a tornado hit it, the crafts are overspilling into our dining room and our living room, and our... Our apartment it starting to look like Santa's workshop. I plan on updating soon, with pictures of Christmas decor, Christmas Tradition and possibly some Christmas Crafts.

PS: Don't you just adore my new T@B glass that I got in the mail the other day. My sister sent me an early Christmas present. Thank you Felicia! And I love the Christmas CD you put together! ...So crafty :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So here's the story behind the silver Christmas tree...

When my Mom was in town we came across a ViNtaGe silver Christmas tree -in its original box, each branch in its original protective sleeve, and also with its original spinning light "projector" used to light the tree. And it's not like I've always wanted a retro shiny silver tree, but it was Very ViNtaGe and perfect for my collection of ViNtaGe Christmas ornaments. The price was a steal and after some persuasion from my Mom, I made the purchase.
The story starts here. I was so nervous to tell Joe I bought a Christmas tree, a silver one at that, that I hid it in the back of my car...   FOR  A  VERY  LONG  TIME.  And when I say hid, I guess I didn't really hide it per say, I just kept it in my car for TWO months. I can't begin to tell you how many times Joe opened the back to put something in or take something out, and each time he was oblivious of the big box, marked "Christmas Tree".
Now, I don't like keeping things from Joe. I love keeping secrets, but I don't know that this falls into that category. I was eventually going to have to tell him. I couldn't hide a 6 1/2 foot silver Christmas tree forever. And let me tell you, I have never been more nervous the day I told Joe about my purchase. Of course now I laugh about it, but I was nervous! When I told him that I had bought a Christmas tree while my Mom was in town, he asked, "when do we pick it up?" LOL! Um, that's when I told him it was in the back of my car (this whole time!) If you guys only knew how many times he went back there!

The rest went well and Joe was surprisingly ok with the fact that we now owned a shiny ViNtaGe silver Christmas tree... that was until I told him that it is was going to be our "secondary" tree. Yes, I'm one of those people that love decorating and would have a tree in every room if I could. Joe is more practical and doesn't really understand the need for more than one tree, and I understand that, but sometimes the more the merrier :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SNOW much fun!

For those of you far far away, here's a little update on the weather we've been having here in Spokane... lots and lots of S N O W! We just set a new record for the most SNOWfall in November, with a total of 25.9 inches. And supposedly more snow is coming. I think it's so pretty. It always helps to get into the Christmas spirit when there's a blanket of snow on the ground!

Joe & I have been wanting to go SNOWshoeing.
We couldn't have picked a better day!
it was my first time ~ I had a blast!
I couldn't stop laughing.
I'm not going to lie, when we got to Sports Authority to rent our snow shoes (side note: Sports Authority rents them for $10/day or $25/week...REI charges $25/day) ...well, I expected to rent "SnowShoes". You know, the big wooden things that look like tennis rackets. Well, who woulda known, those are V.I.N.T.A.G.E !!   lol. Instead we were given these plastic things with metal teeth on the bottom for gripping (above).
Joe's New Winter Boots. Quite honestly, I'm jealous.
It just wouldn't stop S N O W I N G ...

Bowl  &  Pitcher

B R R R R R R !   After we left the Bowl & Pitcher, we decided to stop at Joe's Mom & Dad's to say hi. They ended up not being home, but we left them a little suprise in their backyard...
Frosty & his friend, Leo the Cat.
Yes I know, Leo looks more like a dog, but we were in a hurry.
It's probably a good thing we don't have a yard, b/c I would have a family of SNOWmen... I love making them!