Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ghost Lamp

I finally found a place for my Italian lights! I call them that because the little light bulbs remind me of lights you would see strung in the streets of Little Italy or from tree to tree on the patio of a little Italian eatery. I bought them in the beginning of summer with plans to hang them on our balcony. They sat for quite some time, because I couldn't find a way to hang them (the staple gun just wasn't cutting it). Someone suggested using the sticky hooks you use to hang Christmas lights. Genius! Once I found the stuff I was eager to get them hung and waiting for Joe to get home to help was not an option. I got out the mini ladder and started hanging...I broke 3-4 bulbs in the process. Sad. And I knew if I had just waited for Joe's help that probably wouldn't have happened, but I didn't care. They were up. Finally. Then, we got a wind storm a couple of weeks later and a couple more broke. I didn't care. Our balcony still reminded me of Little Italy :)  Well, then another wind storm blew in and Joe decided to just take them down. So, they've been down for quite some time and with so many broken bulbs I was thinking about just throwing them away. Joe suggested hanging them in our dining room. I know, I know. I actually considered it, but thought it's either going to look really good or really juvenile (the idea reminded me of when I hung Christmas lights in my bedroom as a teenager). So, as I was pondering around of what to do with them, I thought I would try and wrap them around my shadeless lampshade. And voila! The perfect nightlight! ~or Ghost Lamp as I like to call it :)

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Kelli said...

of course you found the most perfect idea for you little italian lights! tab, you are so creative & as always come up with super cute decorating ideas! love it, and need to get over to your cute apartment to see some of your new decor with my own eyes. xo