Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fam visits Washington Part 2

Ok, so yes I am still posting about when my family was MAY! I have just been soooo busy lately along with trying to soak up some summer before it leaves us. (I can't believe it's almost August! *gasp!*) But, you will be happy to know things have started to settle down, so I will soon share with you all the projects I've been working on & pictures from my trip back home.

But first let's rewind back to May... before my brother & sister made the trip, we all talked about visiting Forks.

Yes. We are all huge Twilight fans. Well, except for Carl I guess. But even Joe....(he's going to kill me) always putting one of the Twilight series in to watch. I will also mention that it is Joe that owns all the movies, not me! (he's really going to kill me) When it comes to movies, Joe is funny... he can watch a movie over & over again, and if the movie was filmed or takes place in the Northwest, he automatically loves it. Twilight falls into both of those categories.

I on the other hand, think the movies are ok...the books are soooo much better! And they are really why I fell in love with Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to watch Breaking Dawn when it comes out, but it makes me want to read the books over even more.

So we all joked about visiting Forks, but we would always come to the conclusion that it's pretty far from Spokane. Even when we decided to drive around Olympic National Park, we still thought it would be out of our way. That is until we saw a sign....

I really was just kidding guys! ...I was just excited to be stretching my legs :) wink wink.  FORKS, WASHINGTON HERE WE COME!

1963 Chevy ~ Bella's truck in the movies.

1953 Chevy ~ Bella's truck in the books.

Forks Outfitters ~ Where Bella worked.
(lol, I feel so silly posting this picture)

Bella's House ~ Looks nothing like it in the movie!!
The Hospital Dr. Cullen worked at. ~ Notice the reserved parking spot for Dr. Cullen! lol

Forks High School (under construction)

Forks City Hall / Police Department ~ where Charlie worked

And the Grand Finale... The Cullen House! ha!

It ended up being a really interesting "Twilight Tour". I don't want to say I was disappointed, because I didn't really have any expectations, but everything we saw (besides LaPush Beach) reminded me nothing of the movie.
One thing is for sure, in the small town of Forks, Washington, Twilight is EVERYWHERE! fronts, restaurants, hotels...everything tries to lure you in with some kind of clever Twilight saga.
So once we left Forks, we decided to cross the treaty line (hehee) and head to LaPush, part of the Quileute Indian Reservation.

La Push Beach

Joe collecting me ocean water, to add to my mason jar travel collection.
The sun finally decided to come out! :)



After hanging out at the beach for awhile, we grabbed some lunch at a restaurant right near the water. Wish they would've had seating outside, but instead we got a seat alongside the window. While we ate we spotted a bald eagle not too far from where we were sitting! (The closest I've gotten to a wild bald eagle!)
After we left La Push, we headed for our final destination: Port Angeles, where we ate dinner at La Bella Italia, the same restaurant Bella & Edward ate at. The plan for the next morning was to catch a ferry back to Seattle and make our way back to Spokane....

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LAURA said...

I love the mossy pix, so pretty there and probably the only good outcome from all the rain in LaPush:) And I totally agree with you about Twilight, the movies are fun {and getting better as they go along, and get a bigger budget!} but the books were amazing, I think our imaginations do a better job than any movie producer ever could. So glad you had some time with your family twice this summer! hugs