Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30th Birthday Fiesta

I (with lots of help from Tara, Kelli & Lill) decided to throw a surprise 30th Birthday party for Joe & his twin Jeff. I'm pretty good at keeping secrets, but unfortunately Joe and Jeff work at the same place. AND the day I wanted to throw the party happened to be the ONE day they both work together. So, when they both found out that they were both asked to get the day off, they knew something was up. Joe would say, "so, what time is the surprise birthday party at my parents?"...he is such a stinker!! The day of the party he said to me, "so, why does Tara (his twin's fiance) have chicken in the crockpot?" It just makes me laugh. He may have known we were having a birthday shindig, but he didn't know the details...  :)

I of course, love themes, and thought what better "theme", than a Mexican Fiesta! We could do a taco bar, chips & salsa, Mexican beer, pin the tail on the donkey, sombreros, and a Mexican Fiesta must: mustaches!  {the staches never seem to get old!}

The front of their Birthday invite I sent out :)

~The Birthday Boys!~

Jeff, their cousin Jim, & Joe

Joe & his older brother, Derek

~Las Senoritas!~

Baby Reegan

Joe & his Mom 

a game of cornhole...

Jim, Elissa, & Uncle James

When your 30, old man glasses are a must! hehee :)

HaPpy BiRtHdAy JoE!


Felicia said...

It looks like it was a lot of fun! lol The old man glasses sort of fit Joe! hahaha

Siri said...

HAHA I am still cracking up over the OHIO on your banner! love it:)

Billie Branham said...

Love the staches! So fun!!