Tuesday, May 31, 2011

12 Dates -May

I must say, I'm really behind on posting!  There is so much I want to share with you, but this month has been so jammed packed with events that I just haven't had an opportunity to sit down and catch up until now. So, before the month is over I thought it would be appropriate to start with our "May date".
For our anniversary in March I made Joe a book of "12 DATES". Before I explain exactly what it is, let me tell you the reason behind it. We both have pretty busy schedules. Joe more so than me. He is crazy and between his two jobs, has been known to work 100 hours a week. On a regular basis he probably works 80 hours a week. Plus he is taking a class, so the time he does have off, you'll find him studying or doing homework. Or just relaxing, which he definitely deserves! And with my schedule of working mornings at Starbucks (sometimes having to get up at 4am), I get tired pretty early (9pm). Just about the time Joe is getting home from work. So needless to say, we don't go out and do much. Which quite honestly is ok with me, it saves us money, but a girl needs some quality time with her man every now and then. So that is why I decided to create a book of "12 DATES".

I wrote down 12 fun (mostly inexpensive) things we can do together. Some things we have never done before and some things we have. I made sure they were very specific and then put them in 12 different envelopes. The instructions are very simple: we have the whole month to go on the date. To simplify things, I included a checklist to each date, and every date we must bring a camera. (To document these monthly dates of course)

The month of May:
This month, for our date I thought it would be fun to go to Manito Park. I've been to Manito, but usually in late summer/early fall. This time I wanted to go when I could visit the Lilac Garden (since Spokane is known as The Lilac City). And since the Lilac Parade is always in May, I thought it would be an appropriate month to go. 
But, with the late start of spring this year, the Lilac Gardens hadn't even started blooming yet!

And unfortunately the little hut we were going to grab ice cream at, was closed for the season until May (???).

So no Lilacs, and no ice cream, but we still had lots of fun together!

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devon said...

That is so fun and creative--how do you come up with this stuff!! Love