Monday, May 9, 2011

We are so different, yet so much alike...

Hard Working 

We both love to do puzzles,
yet I can't do three in one day like you can.

We are both thrifty,
you more so than me.

You collect postcards,
I collect tomato pin cushions.

We both like to clean more than we like to cook.

I love spicy food,
you think pepper is hot.

We both go long periods without getting a haircut,
you much longer than me.

You haven't worn makeup in years,
I can't leave the house without mascara.

You don't like to have your picture taken,
I take my camera everywhere.

When your tired you get slap-happy,
I just get crabby.

We can both fall asleep VERY quickly.

You are always hot,
I'm always cold.

You like to turn the lights off,
I say, turn them on.

You're afraid of heights,
I love roller coasters.

You have no problem handling frogs, fish, or worms.
Me, not so much...
I don't mind catching lightening bugs :)

Your hands hurt because you're such a hard worker,
mine hurt when I craft too much!

We are both very organized.

You give the best gifts,
I make the best gifts ;)

We both love spending holidays with family.

You miss me,
I miss you just as much, if not more!

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Anonymous said...

such a good post! :) Love ya-Andrea (your friend forever, drea says ben)