Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From Post to Post

I think most of you know, but my mom collects Postcards.
She has been collecting them since she was little and
her collection now consists of more than 15,000!
yes, those are Postcard RACKS!!!
and don't let the racks fool you...she has more in boxes!
Every single Postcard has a protective sleeve cover.
She organizes them by State. Ohio by County.
You must always bring back/send postcards if you go on vacation!
Most of her collection is from people giving them to her.
Occasionally she will buy some.
Here are all the postcards she bought while she was here!
You name it, we stopped at antique stores, gas stations & gift shops...
New and Old
I thought I would share some of the old ones with you.
The Davenport
Natatorium Park - Spokane, Wa (1889-1967)
I'm a bit of a nerd (or I just have a love for old history) so I did a little research and did you know in 1889 Spokane had the first heated swimming pool in the state of Wa (it was filled with heated water from the Spokane River)
Long Lake: "A beautiful drive near Spokane"
Bowl & Pitcher
"Bird's Eye View" of Spokane
Manito Park
Stevens Street - Spokane, Wa
Parry Apartments ~ Seattle, WA
"Only Families with Children Admitted"

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