Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hobby Lobby makes its way to Spokane!!

When I moved here, I was sad to learn that Washington lacked big time in scrapbooking stores. No Archivers. No Pat Catans. And no Hobby Lobby. Michaels and JoAnn's are nice, but there is so much more out there that they don't offer! So when I found out they put in a Hobby Lobby in the Valley, I was ecstatic!! Not only do they carry scrapbooking stuff, they also have a huge selection of home decor, seasonal items, crafts, and fabric. (to name a few) Check it out!

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Felicia said...

OMG! I read this when I was on the phone with mom crying because she told me she told you about the dinner and how she didn't want to make it because she didn't have the money and you cried... I miss you! I miss talking to you, I will call you probably tomorrow, I saw you called and I just lost track of time with somethings I will tell you about when I talk to you! I love you!