Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Montana and Idaho at 70mph

This past Sunday, Joe & I got on the road early morning and headed to Glacier National Park in Montana where we would camp for the night and explore the park. Whenever we take a road trip Joe always insists that he drive. This time was no different and as always, I struggled to stay awake. There's just something about riding in a car with the sun beaming down on you that makes it hard to keep the eyes open. (Especially when you're in the car for 5 hours and working on 4hrs sleep) Thank you Joe for always driving! The scenery was beautiful and as we drove I couldn't help but snap some (many) pictures of the countryside. Window down, wind-blown hair, and camera held tight, all while going 70mph. (Hey, it helped me stay awake!) And if you didn't already know, you will notice I have a little thing for barns. Paint-chipped, falling down, rustic barns. I like well kept barns too ;) ...I would love to restore one into a house one day. But, I always wonder their story. If only their walls could talk! The hardships of a full-time farmer... childhood memories... Ok, I'm getting a little carried away, but think about all the history. A time when they were once brand new and used everyday. A community landmark full of tradition. Not sure where this passion came from, but I just love them.
Flathead Lake
passed Many antique stores along the way!
Future road trip with Mom?
{ close to Glacier National Park }

{ Day 2 ~took a different route home }

above: might be my favorite 70mph snapshot
couldn't help but take a picture of the white fluffy clouds
reminds me of Ohio


Felicia said...

I really like all of the pictures, especially the one right about the horse picture. Not sure why, its just pretty. :) wish I couldve been right there with you!

LAURA said...

My Mom and I have always loved old barns too. We used to get wood from them and create fun things. I grew up in a house full of antiques and spent hours and hours antiquing with my Mom so I inherited a love of old things and their history, I always loved imagining the people that used the stuff back in the day. I had a subscription to Country Living in Jr. High. Back then that made me a nerd, now that makes me a Farm Chick. How times have changed;)