Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exploring Glacier National Park- Day 1

So, as you know, this past weekend Joe & I made a trip to Glacier National Park. I had three days off in a row (which is a first since I started working) and Joe had 2 of the days off. I have never been to Glacier and have been wanting to go the next opportunity we had. We debated if the 5 hour (one way) drive would be worth camping out for only one night, but we're crazy and decided to go for it. I'm glad we did. It is so beautiful! Fresh clean air, crystal clear water, and breathtaking views. I wish we could have stayed longer!
One of the first stops we made when we got into the park.
Glacier Water= Clear, Blue & Freezing Cold
I've never seen such blue H2O!
The funny thing about this picture is that the both of us were oblivous to what the sign actually said. I was just trying to take a picture of the sign b/c I thought it was wasn't until the next day we realized it says STAY OFF. I think we just assumed it said CAUTION: SLIPERY WHEN WET. duh!
We decided to set up camp right away, so we would not have to worry about getting a spot and then have the rest of the day to explore the park. Soooo... as we looked for a place to set up our tent, we just couldn't decide where we wanted to be. We wanted the perfect spot. We decided on campsite #1: set the tent up, put our chairs out, chopped some wood....and then we looked over to the lot right next to ours and spotted campsite #2. Was it better? looked more spacious. More secluded? Did we make the wrong decision? (lol, like it really mattered!) I'm almost embarrassed to say, we unstaked the tent and carried it over to the neighboring lot. Oh, the life of two indecisive people!
Joe's Hatchet comes in handy :)
ok, Let's Explore! Joe & I spent most of our day driving on Going-to-the-Sun Road: a 50 mile long road through Glacier. It follows the shores of the 2 largest lakes in the park, hugs the cliffs of the Continental Divide and has many scenic turnouts.
above (and many many more acres): result of 2003 Forrest Fire
Big Bend: views of Mt. Canon, Mt. Oberlin, Heavens Peak and the Weeping Wall (below)
above: the bottom 2 pictures are of Weeping Wall, a gushing waterfall that flows right into the side of the highway. A lot of people would drive their cars through them. Very refreshing on an 80 degree day!
you can see part of Going-to-the-Sun Road here
the West Tunnel and Triple Arches. Imagine the time and manpower it took to create! (using 1920s technology!)
We decided to hike the Hidden Lake Nature Trail, a 3mile round trip hike. Not quite sure what we were getting ourselves into...the trail started off on the boardwalk and then we had to hike up along side the mountain through snow. It was so refreshing!
ran into some Mountain Goats along the way
{HIDDEN LAKE} notice all the Glacier Ice in the water!
On our way back down. The views were spectacular!
Sunny on one side....
and a storm coming in on the other.
= great photo-op! (one of my favorites!)
had to include this little fella (a marmot?!) reminds me of a cartoon character the way he's basking in the sun!
St. Mary Falls ~ another little 2mile hike we went on.
The drive back down to our campsite for the night. This picture does not do justice. Oh how I wish I had a better camera!
I love sitting around a campfire & cooking S'mores!!
I'll have S'more pictures of Day 2 next post. hehe


Felicia said...

Day 1 Comment: Those pictures are a amazing! I want to touch snow right now sooooo bad!!! :) I can't wait to come out and we get to do lots of stuff. GOOOODDDDD I MISS YOU!

Felicia said...

PS. Carl would also like me to say thank you again for the birthday text it was AWESOME!