Friday, July 23, 2010

Glacier National Park- Day 2

Morning of Day 2 ~ it was a rough start, with dark clouds and a few rain showers, but it ended up being a beautiful day! We had to get on the road late afternoon, so we stayed close to our campsite... made a few stops along side the road, and went on a little 4.6 mile hike.
McDonald Lake & Red Tour Buses
Not sure if I want one b/c it's cute or if b/c it says T@B!!
Avalanche Gorge ~ along the Trail of the Cedars Hike we took
we decided to continue our hike to Avalanche Lake
Along the trail... nothing but uphill, cedar forest, lush green moss, and a gushing creek full of little waterfalls along the way. (I'm not going to lie, I was a little frightened at times that we would run into a bear!)
and here it is...a glimpse of our final destination.
{Avalanche Lake}
or should I say Jurassic Park?
we could have stayed at this spot all day.
It was AMaZiNg!!
The water was so aqua blue! ....
...and Clear!
do we really have to leave?
On our way back down... Avalanche Gorge again.
and one last view of McDonald Lake as we were leaving the park.


LAURA said...

GORGEOUS. God did a great job:) Todd and I had reservations at a cabin there but it was cancelled because of the fire you mentioned in your last post. Now we have too many stinkin' kids! We'll have to bring them there as soon as they're fast enought to outrun bears, cougars, crazy campers...Oh and I'm glad you met Aaron! I had a feeling you must know him, Starbuck's is his 2nd home (and yours it sounds like:))

Felicia said...

I'm not the first comment... :( Sorry... I know you have to be so disappointed huh? lol Well, even though day 2 was short it looked like it turned out pretty good. I liked the 3rd picture a lot, its really really pretty and the first one of avalanche gorge is pretty awesome also. Oh and I'm pretty sure you want the T@B thing just because it says T@B... you did buy that bottle that one day remember? :) xoxo

Kelli said...

What a perfect place/way to get away with Joe(who is quickly turning in to a hippie!) I used to take Joe, Jeff, & Noel with me every year to Mt. Rainer~which you should try next. I would love it so much if we could make that trip with you in Aug! Glacier is amazingly beautiful, haven't been there in years. You are such a great photographer Tab! Glad you had such a wonderful, memorable trip to Montana.
ps~those red tour buses are too cute!
pss~the last time shane & i were at lake mcdonald a bee crawled up my pant leg and stung me~lol

Devon said...

oh my gosh! I totally missed you by probably one day! I took my parents on the helicopter tour of Glacier after the SMS sales meeting. We have been to Glacier as a family a couple times but nothign beats a heli tour! We got to see all those places you hiked to (without getting the chance to put our feet in the water)! Miss you and hope you are doing well!