Monday, July 12, 2010

I spy vintage -- FLORAL

Right now (and I think always) I'm all about vintage floral patterns. I love the way they make me feel. I know that sounds silly, but they just make me happy. They put a smile on my face. I really don't own that much floral...a couple pieces of clothing and a few items here and there that I have collected through the years (all that normally end up in my craft room because Joe hates floral). It's funny because he calls me Grandma.above: top I recently bought from Urban Outfitters $10
of course Joe makes fun of it and says I'm going gardening
but I love it!
I love wearing the above dress with my brown boots :)
I am in LOVE with this dress from Arden B!! ~so romantic
I love finding vintage clutches ...for a great price.
Makes me miss my friend Evan!!This one I found at the Vintage Rabbit for $3.95 (reg $14.95!!)
Just a little something I made... adorned with a flower pin.
{Grandpa & Grandma Herr}
is that a floral print dress my Grandma is wearing?
Awhile back when I designed my couch, this is the fabric I picked out for the pillows. They have recently been replaced with pillows from Target (because of Joe, of course)
cute little candle I found at a thrift store for $2.50
it belongs in my craft room ;)
vintage floral pillows in our guest room
vintage sewing notions: fabric, ribbon, & pin cushion
~Lovely Floral Patterns~
The following photos I have taken from various websites of how floral can be used in decorating. If I didn't have to take into consideration that I live with one awesome boyfriend and I could start all over, I think this is what my decor would look like. Floral can become very girly and sometimes grandma-ish, but I think in moderation and mixed with other prints, floral can be very lovely!
I love when a wall is covered in pictures of the same subject such as this. I've always wanted to start a collection of art (I love the thrill of a hunt), but I'm not sure what my subject would be. Mountains instead of flowers? I could live with that :)
Glass of wine anyone?
source: Better Homes & Gardens
Just enough. Love the yellow and pink combo. And what a cool headboard made from a salvaged mantle!
source: Flickr (deshaonnonfricke)Floral Headboard.
Let's go to the beach!
source: Designers Guild
Love the mix of Stripes & Floral ~notice the different curtains and what a cute shade!
Game of Dominos?
source: Ladies Home Journal
I'm not a big blue fan, but I like the blue & pink combo. Very comforting.
Cup of coffee?
source: Real Simple
Now this is an example of how you can mix pattern! I love the canvas in the background covered in floral print
Tea perhaps?
source: Pottery Barn
Floral Bedding
Curl up and read a book?
Comforter I spotted at the Vintage Rabbit (bottom shelf). Notice the floral apron ;) and I know I keep on saying this, but I love it (comforter)! It is so fluffy & soft. I don't know how I would feel buying a used down comforter... (not sure if you could wash that) And it would never get Joe's approval anyway. Maybe for a guest room? :)
Lastly, I found these glass storage bowls with a cute almost retro floral detail. Their so cute and I love the idea of storing leftovers in a glass bowl rather than plastic containers. Check out the website, they have some pretty cool items!

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Felicia said...

You need to tell Joe that YOU specifically have the ability to make a floral pattern modern, not old lady like. :)