Friday, July 9, 2010

I was starting to think Mt. Rainier was photoshopped!

ok, so I hope you don't mind pictures, because there a lot of them in this post!
Our drive to Seattle, WA:Windmills, Mountains, and...
is that an Antique Mall?
Funny story: As we were driving Joe says, "I've always wanted to stop at a fruit stand along side of the road, grab a piece of fruit and be on my way. The next fruit stand we come along, I'm going to stop." ...So as we continued to drive, no more than 10 minutes later Joe spotted THORP FRUIT, and said "we're stopping.. we're going to stop here." I don't think he saw "& ANTIQUE MALL" otherwise I don't think he would have offered to stop! But we did, and as always I wanted to look at Everything. Two floors of antiques. Two floors of once treasured items waiting to be found again. Waiting to have a place in my home. It's sad to say, but I can spend hours in places like this! I don't miss a beat, as Joe would say. My mind swirls and my heart is happy. We didn't stay long, because we wanted to get to Seattle, but Joe promised we could stop on the way home :)
When we arrived to Seattle, we were a bit too early to check into our hotel, so we decided to walk around for a bit. You can imagine how excited I was when I realized our hotel was located right next to Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters!!! (I wish Spokane had both.) I found some good buys at Urban Outfitters and a lot of other things I wanted to buy, but I was good... I bought a cute floral print tee (reg $20) and a cover-up sweater (reg $48), both for $20!! {Seattle Mariners Game}
Safeco Field's Famous GARLIC FRIES!!
WARNING: do not eat these if you are on a first date!! They are known to give you rancid garlic breath (imagine that!)...and they will continue to seep out of your pores the next morning! but, mmmmm they're so good!
walking back to our hotel...
entering Pioneer Square, downtown Seattle
You can't really tell in these pictures, but the strings from one end to the other were little reflectors of some sort. It caught the sunset so beautifully, I just wanted to curl up on a park bench and read a book or enjoy a coffee. What a cute little courtyard!
and I just love the greenery covering the whole side of the building!
Having a drink atop our hotel.
Great view. Awful Service.
Good Morning Pike Place
our view as we ate breakfast at a little diner located right in the market
Fresh (yummy) Food, Great View, and Awesome Service
great way to start the day!
 just love snapping pictures! :)
I warned you!! ;)
the hustle & bustle of the market
*notice man unloading truck by throwing watermelon mid-air

Antique Store WE (yes, Joe too!) love to go to when we are there. Lots of globes (I collect), and tons of old school pull-down maps (that I wanted to buy, if they weren't $100 each)
{Cascade Mountain Range ~ Puget Sound}
put in a quarter and what do you see?
So here it is!!! The big moment. As we were leaving Seattle... MT. RAINIER! I have been to Seattle 2 other times and have never been lucky enough to see Rainier. Even our first day this visit, no mountain. Like I said, I was starting to think it was photoshopped into pictures ;)
wow! hard to believe Mt. Rainier is approx. 100 miles away in this pic!
Driving back to Spokane...
 just love abandoned barns...
...if only they weren't so hard to photograph as you drive down the highway at 70mph
Columbia River in Vantage, WA


Felicia said...

It looks really pretty there! I want to be there. So, notice how "pale" you look in comparison to JOE, and just remember... I'm more pale in comparison to you!! HAHA

Siri said...

It is funny how many hundreds of times I have made that drive and you actually made it look interesting and different to me:) BTW I was in your neck of the woods this weekend (well at least closer in Columbus) and boy did that bring back a lot of memories!