Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sandpoint, Idaho

Joe & I both had a day off last week (which doesn't happen very often), so we decided to take a little day trip...
On our way to Sandpoint, ID: 1.5 hours from Spokane

Beautiful Pacific Northwest

Postcard I bought to send my Mom.

The reason I wanted to make the trip!

I found a piece very similar to this at Marketplace Antiques that I fell in LOVE with! (I took these pictures off of ebay) A vintage POST OFFICE mailbox; hundreds of little doors on one side and open cubbies on the other. What a perfect room divider this would make! Both sides are equally as interesting. The one I saw at Martketplace was a little deeper so you could use the top as a shelf if you wanted to. I want it! I can't stop thinking about it. Unfortunately, it's quite pricey and quite honestly we don't have room in our apartment for it.

...of course I could always find a spot for it! ;)

Instead I bought an old tackle box. I love organizing things and I figured it would be great for my craft room. For now though, it works as Joe's catch-all.

Off to the Beach to enjoy the Sunny day...

Who needs to go to NY to see the Statue of Liberty?

Sittin' in the sand, soaking up the rays

Lunch and a pitcher of beer

Dessert anyone? We decided to try this little cafe right next to Marketplace Antiques. Everything on their menu is Homemade and they're known for their huge selection of pies. Yummy!

To end the day: Sunset from our apartment balcony


Felicia said...

The pictures are really pretty. :) I can't wait to come visit. Its nice that you guys got to hang out finally! Ya'll are two really busy people!! ;)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome view!!! I love all the things ur getting to do! -drea