Saturday, June 5, 2010


Cowgirl & Cowboy go to Chaps

This past Thursday Joe & I had another day off together. I have been bugging him for a long time to take me to Chaps, a cute little vintage inspired cafe. I think I first came across Chaps when I was reading up on Farm Chicks last year. I saw a picture of the inside and fell in love with it. Ever since, I've wanted to check it out for myself.

Here is the entrance. Chaps hanging on the wall to your right...

...and horse paintings hung on walls that were covered with scraps of old wall paper, sheets of music, recipe cards, and pages from vintage books.

We were seated in the corner, right next to picture of "Chief Joe", no joke.

Old wood flooring hung on the walls? or is that old house siding? Which ever, I love it. And I love the gold crown molding. Not sure if I would ever have it in my house, but it looks great with the black ceiling.

Our water came in jars! So cute!

cowboy is getting hungry!

ye-haw, lunch is served!

Mac-n-cheese & Chicken Quesadilla
Whenever a restaurant offers Mac-n-cheese on their menu, you know it's going to be good! Everything was Awesome! including their fresh salsa! yum


Felicia said...

Ok the last picture of joe is funny looking, but that place looks really cute. :) I want to go! lol I keep saying that to every place you go huh?

LAURA said...

I always order the mac n cheese, mmmm:) Did they open the bakery yet? Last time we were there it was still under construction. Glad you finally got to go, it's super cute huh?!