Monday, June 7, 2010

I need your help.

Farm Chicks here I come!
(lol, looks like a picture your mom would take on your first day of school!)
are we there yet?

I didn't really take any pictures, b/c I was so busy looking.

Like my Huge bag?

I didn't even fill it with anything...
Everything I bought was too BIG!
I always do something just b/c I love it and then I get it home and realize I really don't have a spot for it.

So this is where I need your help! Let me know which option is your favorite!


This one was Joe's idea and to be honest I wasn't thrilled about it. I liked the idea, b/c I'm not in love with our current TV stand, so I gave it a try for a few days, and it just never grew on me. Of course the pictures would have to get re-hung probably else where (our current stand is much shorter).


I really want to put this piece in our dining room, I think b/c it is my least favorite room and it needs something interesting. For those of you who have never been in our apartment (which is probably most of you), our dining room is right when you walk in, on the left. So the above picture is taken in our walkway. All we have in there is my wine cabinet and a square dining room set that Joe's sister gave us. So anyway, my barn door has always hung where you see it in the picture. If it were to stay here, I would definately have to hang it higher.


Not necessarily this high, but here is a slighly different option. Same idea, but really high. (instead of being propped up, it would get hung on the wall) This option actually adds a lot of hight to the room.


Yes, that is a Gate. (another purchase from Farm Chicks). I thought it would be cool if I hung it somewhere with pictures clothes-pinned to it. Once again, I don't really have a place for it right now! Possibly here? The only thing is I would hang it so I could set things on the top shelf.


This picture actually hangs in our closet. It's not my favorite picture so that's why I like it hidden. But, I like the idea of the black frame to offset the painted white cubbies.

I thought my options were done with five, but then I noticed this picture hanging above our couch. I gave it a try, and I actually like it. But now there is a blank wall above our couch that I have nothing to replace it with.
So what do you think?
OPTION 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 ?


LAURA said...

Option 3 is my vote:-) Just need something colorful like a great tin star or something maybe to lean against the wall on top of the cubby. Super cute and I'm so jealous of your Farm Chicks day - all of us girls should go next time they're here.

Felicia said...

1 or 2. I say 1 because joe likes it. ;) and 2 because I like it?

Siri said...

I say option 3 or 4. I like the barn door for height and 4 I really like the idea of the gate with clothes pins on it! Can't go wrong though:)

Kelli said...

I like all your ideas~but 2, 4, 5 might be my fave! I love the great finds you picked up at Farm Chicks! Xo

Anonymous said...

i like #1 ans #5 the best!!!!=love drea

Corey Long said...

Well, Sorry to break it to all of you, but Mr. Corey is here. ;P I am Tabitha's Personal Interior Designer Consultant ;) Well Tabitha, I love the way Option 4 is set up. The gate with clothes pins and pictures up is a great idea. Brilliant in fact. But also I love option 5. So I say that you combine the two. Hang the picture on the wall, find someway to hang the gate on the wall so that it can swing 90 degrees. *Overlapping the picture on the wall, so it can lay over it and swing out. That way you can put pictures on the gate, yet give it a nice authentic background.* It would look really nice in my opinion. Who knows ;)

I love you.

Love, Corey.

P.S. You look sooooooo awesome in that Country GetUp ;)

Anonymous said...

Mom says she likes Option #5. But , she thinks you should store your shoes in it and store it under your bed! :)