Monday, June 14, 2010


{L to R, B to F}

Ryan, Corey, Quentin, Felicia, Mom, & I

3/26/2010 ~ Quentin's Birthday

My sister finally sent me these pictures we all took together when I was visiting back in March. Even when I was living back home it was rare that the six of us would be all together under one roof. Of course we would all get together for Birthday's, but rarely would we think to take a family picture. It put me on a little search of family pictures that we have taken, and the only ones I found on my computer are from our graduations.

So as school is letting out and Graduations are taking place, although no one is graduating this year, what a perfect time to post some of these pictures!

May 2009 ~Corey's Graduation

June 2007 ~Felicia's Graduation

(sorry Felicia, these are the only pictures I have of your graduation!?)

June 2006 ~Ryan's Graduation

June 2001 ~my Graduation!

Mom, Ryan, Felicia, Quentin, me, Corey, Grandma, & Melissa

I included these last three, because if you think family pictures are hard to come by, pictures of just my mom & I are even harder! Mostly because she doesn't like taking pictures. My mom is so amazing and such a hard worker! I called her the other day to see how she was doing and she said she has worked the last 56 days in a row without a single day off. It just breaks me heart. I want her to be happy and enjoy her life!

2/26/2006 ~my 23rd Birthday

2/26/2008 ~my 25th Birthday


xoxo Love you mom!


Felicia said...

God I miss you. :'(

Kelli said...

O'h Tab~What a beautiful way to display your loving, and LOVELY family! You are one strong, independent girl. Very courageous I must say! I'm not going to lie, it would be VERY difficult for me to be so far away from my family. After reading about what a hard worker your mama is...I see where you get it. You work so hard, and I know it will all pay off! Love you, and we are so glad you're here with us, but I know it's really hard on you. Love & Hugs from the Lofstedts!!
ps~our moms are the same way about picture taking. you know Lil, she rarely gets in a picture~lol!

Corey Long said...

Can you do me a favor? Warn me to get a tissue before you post such sad and happy posts? You are an amazing writer/blogger. I Love It. Just shows you how far we have all come and grown. It makes me sad that you aren't here for birthdays anymore. :( There is always an empty chair. Always extra food and cake and no more crafty presents. Damn. lol. :'( Here roll more tears. I guess Ill go get a bucket, I may just have to fill it this time. I love you. Miss You. and you better be here for my birthday! ;)

Love, Corey :)