Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bowl & Pitcher

Last month, Joe's brother Noel was in town from New York. It was so nice to visit with him, considering I had only met him one other time for a brief 1/2 hour when Joe & I started dating. (I had just gotten to Spokane to visit Joe and Noel was catching a plane back to NY an hour later) This time, I was lucky enough to have a day off while he was here and the four of us (Joe, Noel, Lill, and I) went on an afternoon hike at the Bowl & Pitcher. (a State Park located minutes from Joe's mom & dad's.)

It was a perfect day to be outside:

SuNsHiNe, FLoWeRs, MoSs, FLoWiNg WaTeR, FrESh AiR, chirping BiRds,

did I mention SuNsHiNe!!!

I'm hoping Noel gets a chance to visit again this year...he's such a pleasure to be around. He's so energetic and gives off such a positive aura. I would love to pick his creative brain and wish he was here when I needed some creative inspiration. ...As we were hiking, Noel kept on picking up little pieces of moss. I asked him why he was collecting them and he said he's been working on live terrarium center pieces for a restaurant back in NY. Weird, b/c just a couple of weeks ago while on a hike with Joe, I brought home a branch covered in moss. Of course Joe thought I was crazy and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I just have always loved bright green moss. I tried standing it up in a vase, but it just looked silly. It ended up sitting on our dinning room table and started to turn brown and I eventually threw it away. Now I have an itch to create a terrarium!

Here is a cute one I found in one of my Country Living magazines,

made from old picture frames:


Felicia said...

You realize, by how exited you sound about "SUNSHINE" your exactly like Bella in the beginning of Twilight right? lol I want to meet his family!

Kelli said...

You are so darn cute and CREATIVE! We still need to finish my wall =) Ok I've been out of the cyberspace loop for almost 2 weeks so just starting to catch up on blogs, emails, etc...Love your new pictures, & posts. I will try and read through them this week. See you this weekend! Xo