Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Sister's Wedding

As I sit here thinking about my sister, since it's her birthday today ~Happy Birthday Felicia!!~ I decided it would be nice to post some pictures from her wedding. She got married July 14th, so this post is long over-due! I apologize. Instead of updat my blog when I have a free moment, I've been super busy helping Tara with their wedding. Not to mention, my computer was being funky for a long time there, not allowing me to download my pictures... and sadly, it recently crashed, wiping out everything. Luckily I have my pictures backed up and now that Jeff & Tara's wedding is over I have some time to relax. I've spent my Sunday afternoon downloading Picassa onto Joe's computer along with a summer full of pictures. To all my friends & family that check my little blog, I'm happy to be back and soon update you with what's been going on in my life ...But first, let's recap the wedding:

My sister & Carl decided to get married in Indiana. A six hour drive from home (ohio), so Joe & I decided to fly into Indianapolis. We arrived a day early and was greeted at the airport by my mom :) Felicia & Carl got married the next day, in the evening, at a beautiful garden. {Hello humidity, how I have quickly forgotten about you!} The ceremony was small and included ten family members from Felicia's side and ten family members from Carl's side. Afterward, we all had dinner at Fuego; a Brazilian Steakhouse, downtown Indianapolis. The food & service was spectacular. The next day we all drove back home and three days later they had a reception in Ohio for the all their friends & family.
Family lunch: day of the wedding.
{ C & F }

getting ready :)
Ryan & Jess

Corey walked my sister down the aisle.

I know pronounce you husband & wife!

{ Mr. & Mrs. McCormick }

mother ~ daughter

Our Uncle Chuck & Aunt Joyce (my mom's sister)
Quentin & Melissa

~my brothers & sister~
Shaggy, Ricco, & Foo-man
They are quite the crew!
Welcome to the family! ~Felicia's new uncles :)
Ryan, Mom, Felicia, myself, Corey, & Quentin

For their wedding, I wanted to make them their guest book. I pondered many ideas, wanting to stray away from your "common" guest book ...something they could cherish for years to come. I thought it would be cool since my sister collects records, to frame a record that people could sign, and they could hang in their home.  I designed a "personal" record label and had the 20 people that attended the ceremony sign the record and everyone that attended the reception sign the mat board.

The Wedding Reception

I love this shot: getting ready to cut the cake!

First Dance

Mother-Daughter Dance

Aunt Bernice getting her boogey on!

Traditional Polka dance.

Aunt Joyce & Aunt Maryanne Polka dancing.

Ryan & Jess
Lastly, I made F&C a shadow box that included their wedding invitation...I told her to switch out the picture to their wedding day.  :)
Congratulations once again Felicia & Carl!
Love you guys.

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Felicia said...

I love the pictures you got! You'll have to send me the ones you have so I can see all of them! I'm so happy someone got a picture of the mother daughter dance, all of the disposables were all way to dark! I love your post and everything in it! :) Thank-you! I love you!