Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bloomsday 2011

It's hard to believe to Bloomsday has come and gone already. This means our 1/2 marathon is right around the corner!

Anna & her husband Brent ("Coach B")

Brent is a stud!
~He placed 63rd out of 50,611 people!

Right before we crossed the finish line, courtesy of photographer Joe :) I didn't even see him standing there, all I heard was, "Good job girls!"
We were hoping to break an hour, but 1:05 for nearly 7.5 miles is still pretty great :) 

It ended up being such a Beautiful day!!


Siri said...

That is amazing and you should be so proud! It was a great day for a run:) See you in a week and a half:/ xoxo Siri

Kelli said...

Great job lady! You've become such a solid runner, it's obviously in your blood! I was never that natural at it, was always tough for me. Proud of you, looking forward to shouting out at you @ the Winderemere finish line! Woot woot!