Monday, March 7, 2011


Northwest Christian Thrift {Spokane, WA}

So, when I bought the red plaid thermos, I also contemplated buying this adorable pink one....I contemplated for a LONG time. But then I talked my self out of it. ~It didn't have a lid, and did I really need two vintage thermoses? (a pink one at that) So, I left without it. Later that day, I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Kelli & the kids. And all I could think about was the PINK THERMOS and how I wished I would have gotten it. It no longer mattered that it didn't have a would make a perfect vase! So, the next day I made my way back to the thrift store, and there is was. (ssshhhhh...don't tell Joe!)
50% off.....-2.50


Felicia said...

Tabitha. You never turn down a PINK thermos! Pink is the best! The flowers look beautiful! Is your main picture taken with your new camera?

Kelli said...

you are such a doll, and so creative it amazes me!!! love your new thermos, especially the pink one ;) xxoo