Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 before Thirty

Here's a little {early} birthday gift to myself this year. A mini bucket list~ 30 things I'd like to do/see/accomplish/experience before I turn Thirty. I know that it only gives me a couple of years, but why not? It's refreshing to know we're a work in progress and life is an adventure! Sometimes we get in such a rut or routine, that we forget...we forget to learn something new, do something we've never done before, or just plain push ourselves...
visit a state I've never been to
run a 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours
cut hair (short or straight across bangs)
get Joe to organize his mail
take a cooking class
open up an etsy shop
get married ;)
refinish our dining room table
camp out in Yellowstone for a week
go fishing for a day
go skiing or snowboarding
make it to the coast
find the perfect pair of black boots
purchase a digital SRL
read a book
run a marathon
learn how to swim tread water
get Joe to try cream cheese
host a girls night
make a scrapbook for myself
learn how to sew... and sew something
take an exercise class with a friend
learn how to knit
s k y d i v e
put together a book of inspiration
make the perfect pot of chili
create a piece of jewelry
find the perfect letter E
throw myself a kickin' 30th birthday party


Kelli said...

I LOVE lOvE love this post!!! Picture goes perfect btw. I can't wait for you to check some of these things off your list. AND, I'd be happy to join you/help you accomplish some of them ;) Yay for you! XxOo
Ps~I will be there to watch you finish your next 1/2 in under 2!

LAURA said...

Like Kelli said, if you want, you'll have some company when you check off a few of those things:) Girls night, sewing, fishing (my favorite on your list, well, my favorite besides the getting married part). And you NEED to open an Etsy shop Tab, seriously. Hugs