Thursday, February 3, 2011

14 of my favorite photos of Joe & I

{a little album I made Joe for Valentine's Day last year}  

*from the time we met til 02/14/2010

{03/01/2008} Ohio ~ My 25th Birthday
Joe's first time to Ohio and our very first picture together
{03/15/2008}  Spokane, Washington ~ St. Patrick's Day
My first trip to the great Northwest
{04/11/2008} Cleveland, Ohio ~ My friend's Birthday
Night included going downtown, eating @ Melt  & going dancing

{04/12/2008} Ohio ~ Night out with my cousins
Had to call a locksmith b/c I locked my keys in my apartment!
{06/15/2008} Yellowstone, Wyoming ~ Road Trip to Ohio
Morning of Day 2: Sunny skies & snow-covered Mts.

{06/16/2008} Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota ~ Road Trip to Ohio
Day 3: So excited to be sharing this experience with Joe!

{09/22/2008} Hocking Hills, Ohio ~ One night get-away
Went hiking and stayed in a cute little cabin

{10/19/2008} Mantua, Ohio ~ Corn Maze
My sister snapped this picture as we tried to find our way

{02/26/2009} Seattle, Washington ~ My 26th Birthday
My 1st trip to Seattle... rain, Pike Place & the original Starbucks

{05/14/2009} Brandywine Falls, Ohio ~ Joe's 28th Birthday
Joe had just gotten into town to kick off the start of "Bday Week"

{07/06/2009} Leavenworth, Washington ~ Quick little Trip
Love it b/c you can tell I'm being bratty by the look on Joe's face

{07/12/2009} Seattle, Washington ~ Mariners Game
Cold beer, garlic fries, and a spectacular view of Seattle

{08/31/2009} Rocky River, Ohio ~ Yacht Club w/my friend Jeff
A quick ride on the ski-doo where we all fell into Lake Erie!

{12/29/09} Badlands, South Dakota ~ Road Trip to WA
Snow-covered peaks, crisp air, deer & porky pine.


aunt mary said...

Hi Tabitha and Joe....just a line to say hi and to say how beautiful and creative your gift is to Joe. You both look amazing and truly happy. I'm looking forward to seeing you again this year. xxoo Aunt Mary

Kelli said...

hi tab! this is super cute! love the background btw. also, i agree that your hair is so cute short, but i've gotta say, i love the length right now =) you are so creative, i always love to see what you come up with next!