Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

So, I sent my family a Thanksgiving package on Monday hoping it would get there by today. I normally send packages via post office using flat rate priority mail. It's suppose to take 3 days, but it always makes it home in two. And since I'm being frugal with my money, I was trying to avoid paying an extra $25 to make sure it got there by Wednesday. Well, as you have probably guessed, it didn't get there in time.  Sad. 
To my family. I'm sorry we can't share the same table this year.
The plan was for everyone to open the package together.

Who doesn't love opening up a package full of goodies!?
...some Thanksgiving Blend coffee... a little pumpkin...
...a pumpkin scented candle...
...a turkey center piece (you know you want one!!)...
...and lots of nuts.
(and cute little pumpkin "fillers" I found at the dollar store!)
hmmm...possible more coffee?
and then the most important part! 
(this is why I'm sad it didn't make it in time)
inside the envelope was:
YES! my head on a stick!
LOL the plan was for me to make it home for Thanksgiving :)
And, well, my head couldn't even do that!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! I am so thankful for you guys and thank you for being so supportive. Maybe everyone can gather together at mom's for leftovers tomorrow and you can all open the package then?


Felicia said...

You made me cry while reading your blog out loud to everyone! I love you and it wasn't the same without you AND I can't wait until you come home!

LAURA said...

Tab I'm sorry your ADORABLE package didn't make it home in time. Kel and I were cracking up at your head-on-a-stick:) I'm sure you're missing your family today...I'm sorry you couldn't be together. Hugs

Melissa and Quentin said...

I loved your Thanksgiving package!!
Everything was so cute!