Friday, September 3, 2010

Cat Tales, Mt. Spokane & Green Bluff

Yep, I took my mom to Cat Tales! We met Joe's brother, Jeff & his son Aiden there. I'm sure all of you that live in Spokane have been to Cat Tales at least once. For all of you back home, let me just briefly tell you what Cat Tales is all about. It's a mini "zoo" and training center that specializes in big cats. Tigers, Leopards, Lions...even a couple of bears. It resembles nothing of a zoo, but more of small fenced in areas where the cats have really no room. It was actually kind of sad, but apparently a one of a kind training facility.
Lunch time for the retired MGM Lion.
He weighs 600lbs! ~sadly, this type of lion is extinct in the wild.
Look at that mane!!
After Cat Tales I decided to take my mom up to Mt. Spokane. I knew she was slightly afraid of heights, but I didn't realize she wouldn't even be able to stomach looking out the car window to see the view! Maybe it's a good thing we didn't go to Glacier!
So, we headed back down and stopped at Green Bluff where we had lunch at one of the orchards. (you can see Mt. Spokane in the background here)


LAURA said...

I think Cat Tales is sad too:( Went there once years ago on a field trip. There are all of these GORGEOUS, exotic cats stuck in ridiculous dog kennels! The cats seemed pretty ticked off when we were there too (not that I blame them). Glad you're seeing the sights with your Mommy though, she seems like a sweetie - now I know where you get it from:)

Felicia said...

Jeff's son is soooo cute! I just want to hug him!