Sunday, December 6, 2009

2008 Road Trip

As I sit here and think about getting on the road in a few weeks to trek across the country, it reminds me of the Amazing experience I had when Joe & I drove from WA to OH in June of '08. Before I met Joe, I had never been any further west than Indiana! So you can only imagine how excited I was to see Mountains (with snow on them!) and lots and lots of Pine Trees! We drove through 10 states in a little over 3 1/2 days. Our route included Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, and the Badlands! I saw live Black Bears, a Grizzly, Elk, Pronghorns, Bison, a baby fox, and we even spotted an Osprey nest. It was so amazing to see all these animals in their own element. In the wild and not a zoo. We couldn't have asked for better weather: sunny skies, breathtaking sunsets, and no rain.

I can only pray that we have such luck when we make the reverse trip at the end of the month. The plan is to get on the road either the 27th or 28th. I'm hoping for no snow storms. We've been discussing a different route this time to try and avoid South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. As Joe would say, "Next stop? ...Who knows."


Kelli said...

you are so cute! love the slide show tab! we can't wait to see you-liv askes me when you're moving here almost everyday. luvs!

Siri said...

Tab! So excited for you to move over here!!!! Hope the trip goes well and now I can read your blog:) xoxo

mike said...

I will miss you so much Taby! Have fun and please keep in touch.