Monday, November 30, 2009

691 Broadway Ave.

It has been exactly one month today since I have moved out of my little 2 bedroom apartment in Bedford, Ohio. It is hard to believe I lived there for almost 4 years! I have so many sweet memories there. As all of you know, I am moving to Spokane, Washington after Christmas to be with my boyfriend Joe. We have not seen each other since the end of August and I am so anxious to pick him up from the airport Christmas day. What a Christmas gift!

For the past month I have been staying at my mom's. I love that I'm getting to spend so much time with her and my brothers before I leave, but I definitely miss having a space of my own. I miss my craft room! (especially now since I make a lot of my Christmas gifts) I moved out of my apartment the end of October so that I could ship my things to Washington early and save a little money on rent before I leave. This is my first BIG move and the first time having to hire a moving company. It was quite nerve wrecking at first... finding the perfect moving company -one that is honest and wasn't going to rip me off, determining how many boxes I would fill (it went from 30 to 75!), collecting boxes for what seemed like months, packing for what seemed like weeks, trying to help Joe find an apartment while I was here in Ohio, and this list goes on and on. I talked to a lot of moving companies and gathered many many quotes. Joe & I ended up going with USA Express Moving. They seemed so nice and honest and unlike other companies they don't charge you based on square footage or pounds, they charge you based on the Inventory you give them. So as long as you don't forget to tell them anything, the price they quote you is the final price. The price doesn't go up if you are over weight or over square footage and for a first time mover that was very comforting.

Hook, Line, SINKER! They told me my things would arrive to Spokane in 7-10 days... it is now ONE MONTH and my things are still not there!! They are finally being delivered tomorrow Dec. 1st! I have had such a run around with this company. I do not recommend them to anyone! We have caught them in lies, they would never give us straight answers to as where my things were, and conveniently they started to have problems with the transmission. And not to mention, poor Joe has been living in an unfurnished apartment all month.

Here are some pictures of my old apartment. It had a lot of character! Old drop ceilings, dingy 70s carpet in the hallway, and the smell of a funeral home when you first walked into the building (I lived above a floral shop), but I loved it! It was so quaint and comfy. I'm going to miss decorating my tree this year and being able to look out my window and see Bedford courtyard decorated with beautiful Christmas lights. It was always so festive and occasionally I would even hear the Christmas music they would play. Tis the season!

I wasn't lying about the carpet! ...Vintage in a bad way!

Living Room/Dining Room

I miss my comfy couch!

The veiw of Downtown Bedford from my apartment. You can't see the couryard in this picture, (it's where the tree is), but it is so beautiful during Christmas time. I would love looking out my window at night to see it all lit up.

Morning of the Move 10/30/09

All packed up!

My brother Corey & I waiting for the Movers to arrive. He was my support!


Anonymous said...

Im your first comment. Looks good Babe!

Kelli said...

you're so cute, i love your blog!!! just wish you'd had it the entire time you've lived away from us =) we can't wait to have you here, and miss you very much. more family and shane/kelli pics to come. i've realized we hardly have any lately, thanks for putting the fire under my butt =) we love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Love! Your blog is awesome! Fun to get on here and see all the creative things you can do! I love you. The slideshow is awesome!

Love Joe

Anonymous said...

Oh broadway! I miss u and that apartment dearly! Wine nights, u beating me at scrabble, movies days, rearranging it 50 times, drunken sleepovers, friend time. Oh and don't forget the neighbors!!! Again, 4 years of fun and craziness. I miss u!!!! Love, andrea (drea)