Sunday, April 1, 2012

soaking up some sunshine

Location: Kellog, Idaho
Place: Silver Mountain Resort
Date: Sunday. March 25 2012
Reason: my birthday get-away planned by Joe

Joe planned a surprise out of town trip for my birthday. Although it ended up being a month after my birthday, it allowed for some lovely weather! He wanted to take me to some antique shops, but apparently Kellog is a ghost town on a Sunday in March, so we headed to the next town over and hit the couple that that were open in Wallace. We spent the next four hours sitting in the sunshine, sipping on refreshments. Aahhh...I can't wait until summer! Or spring for that matter (as I sit here typing and it is snowing). We went to the water park for a while and before you knew it, it was back to Spokane the next morning and back to work.

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Felicia said...

You would love the weather here. Its been warmer for the most part, and I swear its been at least a month since we have seen snow. I miss you! and love your new blog layout!