Friday, April 27, 2012

baby Londyn Jean -part one

{Baby Shower}

When I threw my friend Rachel a baby shower back in January, I wanted it to match the nursery. The color for the baby's room included dark purple, black, white, grey, and a splash of light green. Decor included black & white damask print, a chandelier for the baby's room, and Rachel was wanting to get a small Eiffel Tower to put on a shelf for decoration. Think Paris... Or Londyn :) (I didn't know that was going to be her name at the time). But I wanted to incorporate all of that into the shower. I made paper tissue pom poms, the ones you see everywhere on pinterest. (They are so easy to make once you get the hang of it!) I included a large Eiffel Tower where guests were to clothespin advice for the parents on Eiffel Tower playing cards that I altered. I made little treat bags and had light food to snack on. Thanks so much to Anna and Tara who helped me with the food and setting up.

In the center of the room there was a table for guests to fill out "advice for the new mommy & daddy": I printed off cards I created, glued them to the back side of a deck of cards (I happened to find playing cards with the Eiffel Tower on them at JoAnne Fabrics for a dollar!), then I punched the edges. It was quick, easy, and cheap, and something Rachel & Nick can always cherish. Once guests filled out the cards they clothes pinned them to the tower. It turned out so cute, I wish I would have gotten an after picture. 
 My gate comes in handy :)
 A little treat for the guests to take and then we played the "clothespin" game, where if you caught someone saying the word baby you stole their clothespin.. the person with the most clothespins in the end won.
A little fill-in-the-blank card I created for guests to fill out. Before Rachel opened gifts we went around the room and each person shared one of their wishes. It was so dearing to hear some of the answers! And I wish I had a picture of Rachel at the shower to share, but once the shower started I didn't take any pictures! :(


LAURA said...

Adorable Tab, love everything! I've only seen bubble gum favors with the "about to pop" ~ love the popcorn idea even better! You are so talented. Was great to see you this weekend. Hugs, L

AshFlannery said...

Hey Tabby, checking to see if you updated your blog. *Sigh* That's actually a fib...My phone broke and I didn't know how else to get a hold of you! Monday is run day, and I wanted to let you know that my boards are on TUESDAY the 17 so I will be staying in tonight & well every night this week! Running & yard sale hoppn must wait until next week! Then I promise you, Ill be the most reliable running partner you ever had!@:) I hope you check this today! Oh something else while I have you here...I LOVE MY JAR! It is my coffee's new home! Thank you! Well, we both know I could just blabber all day about nothing so...I'm going to submit this comment and stop typing! I MISS YOU. Bye :) PS..Update this thing!