Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh baby!

Lucky Joe is a proud Uncle of lots of little kiddos, and recently this little fella was added to the mix. Leo James Lofstedt was born on July 28th with a head full of dark black hair. I love it! He is so precious and so teeny. I'm excited to watch a Lofstedt grow from day one :) Welcome to the world little Leo, you are very loved!

I love making little albums for baby gifts; something easy that mom's can just insert a few pictures. I usually do a month by month book until they're one, but this time I did a book of "firsts" (first picture, first bath, first steps, etc...) if I know Kelli well enough, she'll take lots of pictures :) I made this mini album from paper lunch bags (so easy!). I love the idea of sticking extra pictures in the "pockets".

A few pictures from Kelli's Baby Shower:
Lastly, before I left Starbucks, I helped throw our store manager a baby shower. Here are some pictures from Shilo's Baby Shower: 
a little banner I made for Baby Kellen

And how cute is this diaper cake one of the girls made!


Siri said...

Love love love the baby book! You are so talented Tab and insider info tells me that you are loved at the new job;) xoxo

Kelli said...

Tab, I feel like I'm looking at your products on an etsy site =) Your creativity just amazes me! Thank you for the darling album. It is so special! I am also glad you get to be apart of a teeny Lofstedt from the start! Xo