Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 before Thirty

{cut hair (short or straight across bangs)} √

First I want to say, this is on my list because I have been "growing my hair out" FOREVER! and when you grow your hair out forever, it is REALLY hard to cut it! You become attached. You don't have to get haircuts that often...a trim here and there. It's easy. I can wake up at 4am, throw my hair in a ponytail, and be ready for work in ten minutes.

HOWEVER, it has reached a point where I am just plain lazy. If I know I'm not going anywhere, I will skip the blow dry, skip the flat iron, and skip the curl. You can only imagine what the end result looks like! Let's just say, Joe started calling me Pocahontas...Poco for short! I was beginning to feel like a hippie! It was starting to get out of control...starting to look like a horses tail! I knew I would soon need something different and not just a trim.

So, when I found out that I would be making a trip home in July for my sister's wedding, I thought "Perfect. I'll chop my hair off then." I would make an appointment with my stylist back home and she would have the honor of giving me a super cute short do. She was the first (and only) person to ever cut my hair short. So I knew I would love it.  HOWEVER, my hair was becoming so out of control, that I.COULD.NOT.WAIT.THAT.LONG. I made an appointment with Heather and told her to cut the bangs.

And this is where I sigh. I've never had straight across bangs (well, ok, when I was five I guess), but I was taking a chance. I was super nervous, but figured I would love them in the end. And I know that it's only day three*, but I'm not too fond of them. I'm hoping they'll grow on me....or just grow fast. Either way, it's just hair, so I'm not too worried about it. Now I can say I've tried the straight across bangs. And it's kinda fun to be someone else for awhile :)  Joe's new nickname for me now is Sally....(I think I like Poco better).

*update: it was day three when I wrote this post...it has now been almost a month since I've cut my bangs (I just finally got around to taking a picture of them). And no, they haven't really grown on me, but they have grown a little :)

visit a state I've never been to
run a 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours
cut hair (short or straight across bangs) 3/4/11
get Joe to organize his mail
take a cooking class
open up an etsy shop
get married ;)
refinish our dining room table
camp out in Yellowstone for a week
go fishing for a day
go skiing or snowboarding
make it to the coast
find the perfect pair of black boots
purchase a digital SLR 2/26/11
read a book
run a marathon
learn how to swim tread water
get Joe to try cream cheese
host a girls night
make a scrapbook for myself
learn how to sew... and sew something
take an exercise class with a friend
learn how to knit
s k y d i v e
put together a book of inspiration
make the perfect pot of chili
create a piece of jewelry
find the perfect letter E
throw myself a kickin' 30th birthday party


Siri said...

Well if it is any comfort I think you look adorable! I wasn't sure about my bangs at first either but now I love them and when I do where my hair in a pony tail I figure bangs make it look less like a boring ol' pony tail! That is true about hair though...it grows:) xoxo

Anonymous said...


Your bangs look phenomonal! Haha..jk, I do like them though!

Love ya,

Joe h

LAURA said...

I love them Sally, I mean Tab, super cute and fun. You look great, as always:)