Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wine & Cheese Please

Hannah & Rachel ~ my friends from Starbucks
Instead of going to the fair as planned, we all decided to have a wine & cheese tasting instead. We bought some fancy cheese and some not-so-fancy wine. (Rite Aid has some great wine for $4.99!!) We spent the night laughing, talking, and trying to find the perfect cheese pairing for each wine.

I'm all about tasting new things. (I'm the type of person, who even though I know I dislike something, I'll keep on tasting it on different occasions just to make sure I still don't like it.) Blue Cheese being one of them. I want to like it: I like Gorgonzola and Feta, so why wouldn't I like Blue Cheese? ...right? Well, one of my unexpected favorites of the night was Green Mountain Farms Blue Cheese & Chive Spreadable Cheese. Great on crackers! (One of my least favorites: BRIE cheese. It tastes like dirty feet!)


KELLI said...

haha, i love the brie cheese comment! i think brie, or maybe it's romano that smells like sour feet or vomit? so glad you got together with some friends for a night of good drinks, eats, laughs, & fun! sounds like a great time. you all look so cute in that picture by the way. i miss you and hope to see you tomorrow! xo

Anonymous said...

tab, this makes me mis sour wine nights more then ever!!! I MISS U!!! can u please call me back!!!! WE have much to chat about. Love u-Drea