Monday, August 30, 2010

Bowl & Pitcher and Manito Park

The day was HoT & WiNdy
Perfect for a little hike along the Spokane River.

I love the color of moss --I mean the color of Joe's shirt!
It felt so refreshing to stick our feet in the river.
After the Bowl & Pitcher we decided to check out Manito Park. Can you believe I've never been there! (maybe once late winter, when there was nothing to look at, but I don't think that counts) It reminds me a lot of the the Holden Arboretum back home...
As we were sitting having an ice cream cone, we looked up and noticed a whole bunch more Buckeye Trees!
Here is a buckeye. (it's inside the spikey green shell. Come end of fall, the shell will eventually smooth out and start to open, revealing a shiny brown buckeye) **they make great vase fillers!
Duncan Garden
I'm sure the best time to go to Manito Park is probably spring time when everything is blooming, but there was still a lot of beautiful flowers to see.
Rose Hill Garden
It smelled so lovely, with over 150 kinds of roses.
Dahlias: apparently Aug & Sept is the perfect time for viewing

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