Friday, May 28, 2010

Windermere Half Marathon

If you were to ask me four months ago if I ever though I would run a 1/2 Marathon, my answer would have been no. I never thought about it, nor was it ever a goal of mine. However, it was a commitment I made in February and finally accomplished in May. I am addicted. I am already talking about running another one in the fall.

As I have said before, it was hard to get my runs in while working 50-60 hours a week. After I ran Bloomsday (May 2nd) I did not fit in one single run before my 1/2 on May 15th!!! That's Horrible! I didn't know what to expect. My longest run was 10 miles...and a hard 10 miles at that. I set a goal of 2 hours and 15 minutes. I finished 2:11

Breakfast of Champions ~ Courtesy of Joe

Early Start ~ 7am

aaaaand we're off

2 hours and 11 minutes later...

Right before crossing the finish line.

Joe & his Mom ~ taken right after I finished

yes...the back of my jersey says "Hennessy"!
talking about our strategy

Me, Kelli, Dee, Chris & Siri

We did it!!!

Chris & Siri Herzog are the ones who got our jersey's

Joe's Mom & his brother Noel

and finally the chica that got me into this whole thing!

~ Joe's sister Kelli

13.1 miles = 02:11:42.1 finish time

What an emotional day! There's something about running and accomplishing your first Half Marathon that makes you cry sporadically throughout the day! lol. (I think I might have been missing my family a bit too)...As I approached the finish line, every one's families were waiting for them. Waiting for them with signs and cameras, hugs and congratulations. I was blessed to be greeted by Joe, his mom, his brother Noel, and Kelli's fam.

After going home and taking a nap, we went to his mom & dad's for a little get-together. Here are some pics:


The Lofstedt's

The Hennessy Clan ~Derek, Joe, Jeff, Kelli & Noel


LAURA said...

Hey Tab, I saw one of your comments on Kel's blog and saw that YOU have a blog, so I hope you don't mind me inviting myself to look at it:) I just want to say that I think of you, being so far away from your family and how hard that must be. You are a strong girl and the way you have sacrificed to be with your Sweetie shows what a big heart you have. Blessings on you always. ~ Laura

Felicia said...

Hey Tabitha. It's your overly emotional sister. (I'm crying right now as I write this) I just got home from moms. The "Memorial Day" cookout. I missed you all day. I just kept saying to Carl all day "I miss Tabitha" or "Tabitha knows how to set this game up and explain it way better then me I wish she were here." Its never the same without you here. I hope you know I always miss you. Always. I am so proud of you for running the half marathon and you are one of the people I aspire to be most like. I wish I could've or would've been there at the finsh line, but I hope you know I was there in my mind. I love you!