Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Set my alarm for 5am so I can call my mom and wish her a Happy Mother's Day before she goes to bed. (she works mid-nights and gets off work at 8am) She's expecting my call at 10amEST, but I don't want her to wait up for me.

I fail to wake up.

My alarm precedes to go off for another 2 hours, every 5 minutes as I keep hitting snooze.

By the time I wake up at 7am, I'm confused as to why my alarm has been going off all morning...can't remember if I have to work at 7:30 or 8:30...and crap, when am I suppose to call my mom? it's too early to do the math! ...10:00 ohio time minus 3 hour difference= 7:00am...

ok, that's right now.

I call mom. Then realize I have 1/2 an hour to get to work.

Feel bad for talking to my mom for a total of 2 minutes, but I promised her I would call her later in between jobs.

No time to shower.

Quick breakfast.

Throw hair back and out the door.

Get to work and realize they might send me home an hour and 1/2 early if we're not too busy.

We're slammed.

All day.

I'm in charge of ringing front.

Nothing but children and their Mothers... Son's buying gift cards... Daughters having coffee with their Moms.

I miss my Mom.

Time for my lunch break.

I can't even hold back the tears long enough for me to get to my apartment.

Bawl my eyes out.

Call my sister.

She consoles me and calms me down.

My sweet boyfriend has left me a turkey & cheese sandwich in the refrigerator along with an apple, a baggie of doritos, and a butterfinger.

Back to work. (with red eyes)

Fellow baristas notice I'm a little glum.

Keep it together Tabitha! no tears at work!

But I still miss my Mom.

and everyone is with their mom.

Before Darylann leaves work she asks if I like hugs. I look at her funny and say yes. She gives me a hug and tells me that she understands what I'm going through and she hopes my day gets better.

I tear up.

I get to leave work early. yipeeee!

Now I can shower.

Have one hour before I have to be at the Golf Course.

Drive over to Joe's parents for a cookout.

Fun festivities. Grilling out. Cornhole. Little kiddies running around. Noel making homemade guacamole. Chaos.

I don't want to leave.

Cry as I walk to my car.

Miss Mom.

Finally get a chance to call her.

Wish I could be with her and give her a hug on Mother's Day.

Break down and cry on the phone. Tell mom I miss her.

We talk about her coming to visit.

Brings a smile to my face, but feel bad that every penny she is saving is to come see me.

Get to work. (with red eyes)

and still here at 8:40pm

thinking about my mom and how much I miss her.


Anonymous said...

So as I read this, I start to cry! I miss you Tabitha! I know I know I'm so good at making you feel its your turn! (well by the time you read this I will hopefully not be crying anymore...lets just say if I'm still crying I have some serious issues...) Ok so I just wrote that and I busted up laughing hard and I am still crying like a crazy person! haha Well. I'll stop stalking your blog now... :) I miss you!!! big hugs for you!!

Oh yeah and I can't log into my google account so I don't have to come up anonymous...because I of course forget what my password is right now! haha

*Your awesome and amazingly cool sister* :) :)

Corey Long said...

Hey Tabitha,
Its 4:57 a.m. Sunday morning and I haven't slept yet. I have work at 8 and I work until 4! Oh Boy! :( But I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog. More than you know, but I rarely comment. I really missed mom too. I had to work a 3rd Friday night, sleep, be woke up for a Mother's Day gathering (not even knowing about it) and go to work yet again for a 3rd. I didn't even get a present for her, I barely saw her. :( But I just wanted to let you know that I think about you all the time. I think about us playing scrabble on the couch while watching Grey's and you bugging me because 25 minutes later... it's still my turn. :) haha. Its always my turn in Scrabble, I think you cheat ;) I miss watching Grey's together, I miss you coming over to do Laundry, and the one thing I really miss is, seeing you and talking to you. I know I can still talk to you, VIA Phone, but our schedules don't match up, especially with the 3 hours difference. This blog entry made me cry :( I know that you miss mom, and we all miss you. It's not the same, nor will it be, but I guess thats where we find out what happens in the next chapter in the book "Mom's nest" Chapter 23: Tabitha in Washington. I know you are sad, but We all love you and we will all come and visit. I promise! :) Especially with Wicked in 2011 :)

I really miss you. I love you.

P.S. You really need internet in your apartment because you need to update this more. I mean....when you get the time....because your work schedule is crazy.


Felicia said...

OMG!!! COREY! YOU SUCK! I read this entry you wrote and not only did I start crying I started bawling like a freak of nature! Its not even about me and I was crying!

Love you :)